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My Youth

Where are the broads I was promised?

Forget the bottle, get me back to those breasts!

Now you can see why I wanted to leave the bottle!

Something just pinched my little ballies!

Some children used to put little ships in bottles, but not me.  I had a better idea!

Yeah, so what!

When you gotta go,

you gotta go!

Gee Ma, what a shitty hat this is!

I don't care if this is a bocci court.  I've got to pee again!

Screw Gun control!

Let's see, should I pee

here, or over there?

Ah, the bucket is full,

and I'm on empty

Wow, this is my car.  Just wished the owner felt the same way!

I looked good in white.  I soon found out that white denotes virginity.  Boy, did I get rid of that suit quick!

I'm holding my stomach because I just farted!

Every time I played, 

three families would move 

out of the neighborhood.

I never struck out once,

until they put the pitcher in!

Just had my eyebrows lifted, or maybe the pin in the carnation is goosing me up!

First communion!  Are there more?

Dino Natali, Entertainer!


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